A Family Company

Southern Outfitters Construction is a family company that was established by Billy DeRemer in 2012. Since its inception, the company has grown from serving one Texan city to now servicing three states. With a combined 37 years of experience in the construction industry, we have a proud history of providing services in the tri-state areas of Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama. We plan to include services in Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia by the end of 2021.

​Southern Outfitters Construction stands firm by our motto – “Precision is Our Vision.” Our vision is strongly driven and measured by customer satisfaction, consistent quality workmanship above the industry standard. We are focused on developing strong relationships with our clients and industry consultants upon which our business success relies


In Texas, Louisiana & Alabama soon in Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia!

Our ability to successfully provide quality work in these locations is sustained by emphasizing use of our established providers and our vastly growing network of local sub-contractors and suppliers. Employing local artisans is important credence in our business, and we are continually reviewing our network of suppliers and contractors to ensure that their work reflects our core business values that we have established and consider to be essential.

We employ local staff and contractors, with company directors living in each municipality with their families. The use of local contractors allows us to employ small local businesses and helps reinfuse money back into the local economy in the communities we serve.


The core values of our business - integral to our approach to construction include:

Ensure business integrity.   Sustainable, stable & financial capacity

Availability of key personnel
and project teams
A proclivity to provide high-quality services, and an innovative finished product
Use of established reliable sub-contractor and
supplier network
Building company value of client satisfaction
and quality of work


Being ethical sets the tone for good relationships between contracting parties.

We have great communication skills between ourselves, our project mangers, and our contractors.

We value good rapport with our clients and our employees.

We believe in:

  • Working safely
  • Accountability: Video &
    On-the-job training
  • Preventing at-risk behaviors
  • We promote safety
  • Accepting responsibilities for safety
  • We promote honesty & integrity